Nickel Forgings

nickel alloy forgingsR&M Forge and Fittings provides custom nickel alloy forgings for valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and petrochemical applications. Because nickel is a versatile element, it will alloy with most metals. This offers wide solubility ranges between copper, chromium, and iron, which, in turn, create many alloy possibilities.

R&M Forge and Fittings specializes in custom nickel alloy forgings; you provide the specification and drawings and R&M delivers on time.

Nickel & Hastelloy Forgings

Nickel Alloys 200, 201, 400, K500, 600, 617, 625, 800/H/HT, 825, 718, X750, C276, B2, B3, C22, 904L, AL6XN(N08367)

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