Stainless Steel Forgings

stainless steel forgingsR&M Forge and Fittings is a supplier of stainless, duplex stainless, and super duplex stainless steel forgings. Stainless steel was developed to degrade less easily than steel due to a minimum of 11% chromium content. Duplex stainless steel was developed by the Swedes to combat corrosion caused by chloride and other aggressive chemicals. It contains equal portions of ferrite and austenite, hence its name. Super duplex stainless steel contains an even higher content of chromium that provide even greater resistance to caustic solutions
such as acids and acid chlorides.

Stainless Steel & Super Duplex Forgings

R&M Forge and Fittings offers quick delivery for your stainless, duplex, and super duplex steel orders. Custom ordered stainless steel forgings are our specialty.

Stainless & Duplex Stainless 303, 304/L/H, 316/L/H, 310, 317/L, 321/H, 347/H, 410, 416, 420, 440, 17-4, 254SMO(F44), Nitronics 50 & 60, 2205, 2507, Zeron 100, Ferralium 255

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