Industrial Forgings, Flanges & Fittings

Since 1983, R&M Forge and Fittings has provided the highest quality custom industrial forgings, flanges & fittings for a wide range of industries.

Our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturers allows us to locate hard to find materials and products to meet your machining and delivery requirements.

We can save you not only money but time as well

  • Take advantage of our sales team's knowledge of our suppliers' capabilities and current inventories.
  • Let us shop your specific needs to a wide array of sources to get you the best price and delivery possible. What might take you weeks we can often obtain within a day or two.

Use our volume to leverage your purchases
R&M has been utilizing the top material manufacturers and suppliers since 1983. Our history with these companies across the globe allows us to obtain the most competitive pricing available.

Use our logistics team to expedite your order
Custom forgings and flanges are our specialties, but we can also supply bar, plate, and many other metal components that you might need for your particular job.
In lieu of multiple purchase orders, you can accomplish all your needs with a single purchase order to R&M. We can arrange to ship your entire order to save you transportation costs, or we can do partial shipments as you need the material.

On-time and right, the first time
We understand the importance of on-time deliveries ad have proven in house monitoring systems to constantly track the process of each order regardless of size. In addition, we inspect all materials for compliance to your specifications prior to the shipment before we package the materials in a manner that assures it will arrive at the final destination without damage.

Multiple solutions

R&M can quote your materials; rough turned, semi-finished, or finished machined, and can provide destructive or non-destructive testing as required. Our competitive machining rates can allow you to maximize your internal capabilities for other areas.

Learn more about how we can save you time and money by downloading our brochure.

Wide variety of products serving many industries

Below are examples of the industries we serve and the wide variety of materials we provide.

Contact us today! Quick turnaround is our specialty.

R&M Forge and Fittings is always ready to serve your industrial forging needs with quick, knowledgeable service and on-time delivery. Our Quality Control program is in compliance with ISO 9001. Q.C. manuals are available and personal visits are welcome.

To request a quote, provide us with the specs and drawing and we'll get it done fast, and right.

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